The Town of Brackley?
Well, where’s that then?
Off the M40, near junction 10.

Anything special to be found in this place?
It’s now the home of Mercedes since Brawn set the pace.

And what of the history, anything old?
It has a licence for jousting, or so it’s been told.
In 1194, Good King Richard the First
Wanted to make sure his Knights did their worst
So he gave them five areas where they could rehearse
All the skills and techniques which they needed in battle
(The fields where they fought are now full of cattle).

OK that sounds good, but what of today
Are things going on that would entice us to stay?
How about dancing and music, and bikes old and new
Summer festivals, soap box derbies to name but a few?

OK, you’ve convinced me – we’ll give it a go
And if you need anymore there’s always the Information Bureau!

By Helen Schofield, Rymes For All Times – 2011